Monkcraft Podcast

Episode 4

The King of Brews

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We were extremely fortunate to be able to sit down with Daught from Midwinter before their progression push to get the title of World #1 25 Heroic guild and we talked about all things that a brewmaster tank needs to know about when it comes to the edge progression.

Topics included 5.4 reforges, gearing options, and even some progression guild insight on what it is like in a world first goal guild.

Since Daught is going to be tied up with progression over the next few weeks Monkcraft podcast is currently looking for some more help at Brewmaster and even Mistweaver. If you are interested on being on the show email us at or on twitter at @Monkpodcast or @GulvanVS.

The theme song for Monkcraft Podcast was created by Motherchip.