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Gulvan has been playing World of Warcraft since open beta. He first started raiding hardcore content in Molten Core. He took a short break at the end of Sunwell to the start of Wrath of the Lich King but still playing the game.

He has raided hardcore content on a Shaman, Paladin, Warrior, and now Monk. He has been in guilds such as Anarchy (currently known as Tyranny), Might, and Angry. He brings his experience at all three specs to the show having played all three Monk specs during progression at some point during Mists of Pandaria.

Gulvan is also the co-host for the WoW podcast show called Group Quest which is a roundtable discussion on everything pertaining the the World of Warcraft Universe or Blizzard Universe.

You can reach Gulvan at the following:

twitter-icon @GulvanVS



Calligraphy is a goddess to the simulations. She currently heads up the Monk portion of simulationcraft‘s program making sure all our simulations are correctly calculated. She also raids with Tyranny of Shattered Hand and is looking to crack the top 10 in 25 man Heroic mode progression.

You can reach Calligraphy  by the following:

twitter-icon @CalliMonkEJ

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We have the distinct pleasure of having Daught from Midwinter as our expert Brewmaster. Daught strives to make sure to maximize his role to the nth degree and always knows what is going to be on the cusp for the Brewmaster spec.

In Midwinter Daught has found success in Mists of Pandaria by being apart of the 2nd US 25 man and 4th World 25 man raid team to defeat Ra-den in Throne of Thunder. He and Midwinter are always pushing the edge of content as soon as it unlocks and strive to be World #1.

The theme song for Monkcraft Podcast was created by Motherchip.



Hinalover is one of our Windwalker champions currently raids in the 25 man Heroic guild, Roadrunners. He has been a hardcore raider since Burning Crusade where he raided as a Mage and Druid.

Hinalover comes to use with lots of theorycrafting history mainly for Feral druids and Monks. He was the Feral and Guardian developer for RAWR before the project fell through.

The best way to contact Hinalover is via the MMO-Champion and Elitist Jerks forums, but you can also reach Hinalover at the following:

twitter-icon @Hinalover

The theme song for Monkcraft Podcast was created by Motherchip.



Rotund started started out raiding in the Burning Crusade on a Paladin always doing progression raiding when the content was relevant. Because of this, Rotund has always kept tabs on what certain classes were doing on certain fights as well as how they were doing overall.

Rotund currently plays a Windwalker Monk for Something Wicked. You can find him frequently on MMO-Champion and Elitist Jerks forums as Saltycracker. If you have any questions for him feel free to PM him on those respective forums.

You can reach Rotund at the following:

twitter-icon @Saltyeric

The theme song for Monkcraft Podcast was created by Motherchip.